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    Setting-Up Page Redirects with WordPress

    Page redirect is a Method or a way of sending an old webpage link or permalink to some other connection to avoid getting your traffic into a 404 page not found. This is important if the page no longer exist.Many businesses are Using WordPress for their site or blog. As such, it will be inevitable as landing pages or classes comes up that the need may appear. Understanding how to page redirects could come in handy in the future.If you have a Web Site or if there are 404 errors that you might not be 20, a blog, you may want to check. Assessing for 404 errors is simple. Simply log into Google Webmaster Tools, visit the Crawl section and click on Crawl Errors in the sub-menu. It would be easierfor you to deal with the issue.

    how to setup a redirect

    How to Setup Page Redirects:

    301or permanent Redirect is the sort of redirect. This sort of redirect signs search engine this specific page has been moved to another location.The Great thing about this sort of redirect is that you are able to keep the page rank of this page and the search engine ranks after redirecting this.

    .HRAccess Redirect

    The.htaccess file is a Critical document to function. If you are to edit this file, consideration must be taken by you in changing the command. Even mistake or mistake or one simple could cause your site.To avoid running into this issue, be certain that you have a back-up of this document. Computer before doing any modification keep the file on your desktop computer. Edit the document one step at a time and check if the website is currently working. If it does not, start again and you want to replicate the backup file.With a, Apache server 30one redirect can be created using the .HRAccess file. Is to indicate how to setup a redirect location that is new and that the place.  You can use the same when redirecting a folder rather than a page format. Again something you changeis sure to double check the redirects are working.

    Redirect WordPress Plugin

    Htaccess is simpler. This is why many bloggers or businesses prefer to use WordPress because of its choice of plugins. One of which is the WordPress Redirect Plugin.There are several Redirect plugin which you can use. There is the Quick Page or Post Redirect Plugin. This plugin can handle the majority of the redirects such as 301, 302 and 307. Another plugin that is helpful is your SEO Redirection Plugin. This can construct redirections for your website and supports wildcards in addition to monitor 404 errors.So you see, setting up without affecting traffic or search engine, a redirect page is simple rankings.