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At last week’s WMC event in Barcelona, everybody’s eyes were on HTC for their affirmation of another pioneer Android device, the HTC One X. This handset has different features which make it meriting lead status. In this article I will look at a few it’s less cutting-edge, anyway also vital features.

The HTC One X benefits by quite possibly the most wonderful phone processors out there, with a quad-focus chip nearby to give an astounding proportion of enlisting ability to the gear and programming something similar. One of the various benefits of a quad-focus processor is that the phone can perform different errands viably. This suggests you can run a couple of uses immediately without surrendering the introduction of any of them. As a significant part of the new HTC Sense UI, you would now have the option to get an audit of all applications which are at present open and running; thusly to the Windows Phone Mango OS, or the Me conscience Harmattan OS found on the Nokia N9. To see the performing different undertakings diagram, essentially tap the capacitive Android backup way to go key at the base of the screen this will by then show the interface of each open application, and can be glanced through Tap any of them, and the application will by then open, where you can use theĀ 123movies online or close it. This is an amazingly accommodating and straightforward way to deal with stay responsible for every one of your applications, as you can close any unnecessary applications which may be using battery power or your data reward.

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Various past HTC cells have the DLNA network capacity presented as standard. This licenses you to distantly stream content from your phone onto an ideal TV. This gives a mind blowing strategy to share your photo assortments, films and other substance with social occasions of people as you do not have to crowd around the screen to get a fair view. The HTC One X has another updated variation of DLNA, which requires a MediaLink unit. This is a device which goes probably as a distant beneficiary for the phone, and plugs into the TV. In order to mirror the substance of the phone’s screen, you are basically needed to swipe the phone’s screen in an upward development using three fingers simultaneously. The screen will be considered the TV allowing you to do any tasks you wish. This limit also goes past standard DLNA organization, in the way that you can stream a film or slideshow from the phone onto the TV, and get back to using the phone for some other task, without interrupting the film stream being appeared on the TV.

The HTC One X is an amazingly stimulating phone in all actuality. Despite the way that the features covered in this article are open my television insignificant interestingly with the more communicated features like the quad-focus processor, Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, and impelled 8 megapixel cameras, it goes to show the customer experience you can expect from the device. The HTC One X is at present only open on O2 in the UK, yet deals from various frameworks will be accounted for rapidly.